Why Wi-Fi

           Increase Revenue with Wi-Fi

Do you offer Wi-Fi to your Guests?

Most large businesses offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. If
you don’t offer Wi-Fi, it’s guaranteed that your are losing
customers and money to these larger chains.

So why are these large chains offering free Wi-Fi to their
guests? There are two main reasons as follows:

Customer Demand

It’s impossible to walk into a restaurant or other business

with a customer waiting area without seeing multiple
individuals using their Smartphones, iPads, iPods, laptops or other
devices. They are using these devices to check their work and
personal email, view, upload and download photos and videos
to and from Facebook, YouTube and more.

Increased Revenue
Offering Free Wi-Fi at your business allows your customer to
access the applications mentioned above. This may lead to the
customer spending more time at your business. And
typically the more time they spend at your business the more
money they spend.

You can offer a revenue generating safe, secure and FREE Guest Wi-Fi to your customers.

So if you’re not offering Wi-Fi today, let Magnum Wi-Fi show you how

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